Chrome Apps are Coming

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One of the more interesting twists of reality is how we are building non-browser apps that run based on browser technology. Even Al Gore didn't see that coming! :)

CFML Myth Poster

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Did you hear about the new CFML Myths Debunked poster? Last week was my first introduction to the poster. I am sure there are several points of interest and questions that people will have about this poster. First let me raise the questions that most people will likely share.

Browser Wars 2013

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We see that on each platform there are different leaders. We also see that on sites we could make an easy mistake and just tally the browsers. Since experience is so important we need to be aware of the browsers each platform is bringing to our sites. The mobile numbers are very different from the desktop numbers.

Bootstrap 3 is Live

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How do you build the world's leading presentation ( CSS ) framework? You take a web service that limits people to 140 characters per post and set them loose. Version 1 was inspirational. Version 2 was globally adopted. Now we will see what people think of version 3.

LinkedIn Analytics for Business


There is a great slideshow over on SlideShare from LinkedIn on the new features. (come see our short simple thoughts on the show)

O'Reilly Carries ColdFusion Books Again

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O'Reilly has joined, or likely the other way around, Packt has joined with O'Reilly. Until the 15th you can get any PACKT book for 50% off! The discount code is WKPCKT.

Initial CMS Survey

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We would enjoy and appreciate anyone who could take part in a short survey to help us start figuring out what makes CMS sites work for you. This is generic in that the results will tell us how to create new solutions equally as telling us how to improve existing ones. Please share your thoughts.

CFML State of the Union Summer 2013

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What is up and what is thriving in the world of CFML? We hope to bring you a report of the different platforms, what's hot in open source apps, training and what's expected in the community at large.

Google Maps for Business

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OK, when I wrote my first ColdFusion book it included a custom tag for using Google Maps for your site. Later Adobe replicated my functionality (not saying they used my code of course). Now while I like to see things like this built in there is a real need to create some of these solutions externally to work with the changing solutions.

SEO Analytics for Developers

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We build lots of awesome things as developers. It would be a shame to have the stuff we make go undiscovered. So how do we get discovered? Lets take a look at Google Analytics from a developer view.



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