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SOSensible is a company that was created out of a desire to make 'sense' of how and why we use computers. John Farrar is the founder of the company and has a mixed passion for technology and pragmatic solutions. He worked with bigger and bigger companies until he was doing work for fortune 500 companies.

In time his roots and personal passions drove him to take the technologies he was using and reapply them to smaller business. This is how the company motto "Bringing Technology Beyond the Enterprise" was created. He began a long journey researching how to use technology in the smaller business persona.

These technologies and passions also have driven him to create some open source frameworks such as COOP, SOS and others. He has authored the "ColdFusion 8 Developer Tutorial" and will soon release the update version through Packt Publishing, Inc. Lastly if you get a chance to attend a seminar where he might be speaking he would love to meet you and get your feedback on these technologies.


SOSensible Group, LLC is here to serve with teaching and solutions that focuses on business before focusing on technology.


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